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Albacutya, Kitt Bennett

Images courtesy of Round 3 Films

Images courtesy of Round 3 Films

Images courtesy of Round 3 Films

About the work

Ten kilometres north of Rainbow lies the quirky, colourful and more modern take on Silo Art at Albacutya Silo.

Melbourne artist Kitt Bennett was inspired to, “create an artwork that tells a story of growing up in the country as a youth. I have fond memories of exploring the bush and looking for yabbies under rocks in creeks with my parents. Reflecting on this weird and wonderful time as an adult is something that brings me a lot of happiness.”

“I wanted to make this painting very bright and full of colour in an attempt to reflect the rainbow theme and to separate it from its environment. The Silo itself is old but the artwork aims to breathe a new life into the landscape.”

“There are tails of huge yabbies pulled from the lake in albacutya when it was full. This is my take on these stories, while still leaving the narrative open to interpretation. I wanted to keep the artwork somewhat surreal and distorted from reality. Much like the nature of stories from the past. They often become exaggerated.”

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